Once Upon An Apocalypse


Guide a group of survivers through a zombie apocalips


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Once Upon An Apocalypse is a survival adventure inspired by the old Lucas Arts classics, and is in many respects reminiscent of the great Spanish title Gods Will Be Watching. The main difference is that instead of being set in the future, this game puts players in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

The gameplay is simple: you have to carry out a series of tasks every day in order to help your group survive. Initially you only have four survivors, but as you send people to look for more, you can increase this number.

Despite some conceptual similarities, Once Upon An Apocalypse is far less complex than Gods Will Be Watching on every level. Failing the mission is a lot more difficult, and in fact, many variables are not as important as in the Deconstructeam game.

Once Upon An Apocalypse is an interesting game with a nice retro look, which offers a somewhat repayable experience of about fifteen minutes, in which players can try out different options.
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